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Track Name: Slutzville - "I Dont Wanna Go To Work"
I don't want to go to work today, i don't want to go to work
I don't want to go to work today, cuz everyones a fucking jerk
Every one bitches and moans, everyones a fucking dick
Everyone bitches and moans, they can all eat shit

So you call this living, waking up feeling like shit
So you call this living, this all seems meaningless
Tell me whats the point of working, when you get minimum wage
Tell me what's the point of working when no one acts there age

These first class citizens hate me, they're all just a bunch of pricks
These first class citizens hate me, and im getting sick of it
Track Name: Slutzville - "Shameless"
Feel no guilt in your desire. Don't be ashamed of who you admire. Don't lie to your self and don't lie to me. Be true to yourself and you'll be free.

You have no choice in who you love. You wont be judged by a fake god above. The truth is deep down inside. Don't try to cover it and hide.

If you want to live a happy life. Fight for your love with all your might. We will never apologize for love thats real or be victimized by the way we feel.

(chorus) Shameless, fuck who you want to fuck. Shameless, masturbate if you want to come. Shameless, love who you want to love. Shameless, feel confident in the way you are
Track Name: Period Bomb - "Get Off Me Sweaty Boy"
Get Off Me Sweaty Boy
That's a yawn i'm not your chew toy
Give me some chips ahoy
and then i'll take you under
Take you under, take you under!

Get off of me sweaty boy!
You've been sailing
you landed
Now you think you're fully grown
Just cuz you can see your own horn.
Look around you'll miss the sites.
Let your sea-men fight the fight!
You can make me coo all night
but only if you get it right the first time.
Then you'll know you're really right.
Peal me off in one smooth rind!
All it takes is
A clean taste of mind.

I just wanna have a good time (10x)
Are you done yet?!?
Do you want me to keep going?